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30 September 2009 @ 09:33 pm
September Update  
Good Tidings Friends,

Today is a momentous day. I am pleased to announce that we have some new dramas for you to enjoy. As I am sure my greeting reveals, I have recently purchased and am thoroughly appreciating 358/2 Days. I know that our dear writers and actors will have so much fodder from which to develop new scripts, and I am giddy with excitement over the possibilities.

Though, there is another reason to rejoice… You see, my dear comrades, OrgLIX has been invited back to Anime USA for another panel presentation. And this year, Crisis Perverted has also been given its own panel so that we might give it all the love it deserves.

With all of these wonderful things in mind, let us now revel in our new dramas.

Adult Store (6:23, 5.85M)
Cast: Zexion, DiZ, Larxene and Saïx
Director: Orin
Writer: Orin with help from Schala and Karras
Summary: Everything in this drama is a work of fiction and absolutely not influenced by the experiences of OrgLIX cast members.

Naminé's Day Out (12:39, 11.5M)
Cast: Vexen, Repliku, Xemnas, Naminé, and the Sat-Nav
Director: Orin
Writer: Michael
Summary: Off we go to the grocery store!

We also have a new drama for Crisis Perverted that combines two things we love so dearly – chocobos and alcohol.

I hope that you will all take time out of your furious game play to listen to our dramas. I know that I managed a few moments to do so.

With love for all of my zombies and poppets,

The Superior