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02 January 2010 @ 10:27 pm
To my darling decahedrons,

I must apologize for the lateness of this update. You see, if a New Year's Eve party tends to run long, a New Decade's Eve party tends to run even longer. But after much merriment and even more cleaning up, I have finally arrived to deliver gifts unto you.

Or I would if everyone hadn't decided to take a vacation. I am not one to deny people such pleasures, I am simply here to crack the whip when they get back. And possibility crack it at other times that I deem appropriate in order to get my jollies.

Thus, in order to scare my little dearies straight (the whip really doesn't seem to work anymore – I am fairly certain that most of them like it), we have gone out of our way to show just how easily they can be replaced.

Voice Actor Appreciation (1:57, .9M)

Summary: If we have learned anything from the Vocaloids, it is how easily humans can be replaced by voice banks. However you may need to read the script to understand all of it.

On the other end of the spectrum, Schala and Orin have continued their quest to get us mentioned on every gaming podcast they possibly can. Have fun listening to them ramble (well, listening to Schala ramble) here at Cartridge Blowers.

Finally, I am hoping that you – yes, you may sweet little listeners – may prove yourselves to be more productive than my herd of voice actors. You see, we are planning to renovate our website in the coming months and as much as we love our splash page... it is time for a change. Therefore, we look to you – the fans – to design a new greeting for our website. Behold! The OrgLIX Pillow Fort Contest!

So ready your Photoshops, my lovelies, and send your entries to TheSuperior@orglix.org. I cannot wait to see what glorious and wrong images you offer up to our altar of fandom. With that, your equally beloved and behated Superior wishes you all a happy and crack-laded new year.

Still Smelling of Champagne,

The Superior
30 November 2009 @ 11:18 pm
To my darling little sweet potatoes,

It has been a very busy month around the castle. With the exception of Number 11 constantly yelling about the yearly pumpkin genocide, at least things have been relatively festive. I do regret to be the bearer of bad news in that there are no tasty drama updates with which to go with your pies and your leftover turkey due to Anime USA having taken its toll on the time and effort it takes to do... whatever is done with those magical audio do-hickeys. We do have greetings from the heart of the convention itself at this page, however!

The Crisis Perverted page has also undergone a magnificent change. Go, then, and marvel. Then come back.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make sure that the egg nog Luxord is drinking is truly egg nog. Bathtub gin is surprisingly easy to mask with the stuff.

Cranberry sauce and gravy,

The Superior
31 October 2009 @ 10:19 pm
To my Jack and Jill O’ Lanterns,

The most magical day of the year has come! Yes, far moreso than even…that… certain winter holiday. Because there are no fat men coming down my chimney tonight, but rather attractive persons in cheaply made but still fetching outfits! …they do not come down the chimney but through my door. It all works out quite nicely, but I did have to sadly alter my Aqua costume to make it less sexy. Such a shame since I do “got back” as a certain knight would say.

And a further shame is that we must say adieu to one of our members. Think well of Mary who has moved on to better and more academic things. In turn, please welcome Mary (no relation) and GabrielsAngel to the fold as our newest inductees to the Organization. Coat fittings are on Monday, darlings.

So lend your ears, my musicians of the night, to their debut dramas.

Squatter's Fight (12:08, 11.1M)
Cast: Repliku, Naminé, Vexen, Zexion, Pete, Maleficent, Larxene, Saïx, Demyx, Xemnas, Patrick, and Marluxia
Director: Orin
Writer: Michael
Summary: Gamers aren't the only people living in basements.

Castle Blank-a (4:30, 4.12M)
Cast: Repliku, DiZ, Naminé, Roxas and Xemnas
Director: Orin
Writer: Tyger
Summary: See, we can be classy if we want to be. And totally rip-off old movies as well as games.

GabrielsAngel also has a starring role in our newest drama for Crisis Perverted, “People Skills.” If nothing else, we know how to welcome our new members.

Just a reminder, we will be at Anime USA in Arltington, Virginia on November the 20th! We hope to see you all there. In your own sexy Aqua costumes.

With well wishes and Hershey’s Kisses,

The Superior
30 September 2009 @ 09:33 pm
Good Tidings Friends,

Today is a momentous day. I am pleased to announce that we have some new dramas for you to enjoy. As I am sure my greeting reveals, I have recently purchased and am thoroughly appreciating 358/2 Days. I know that our dear writers and actors will have so much fodder from which to develop new scripts, and I am giddy with excitement over the possibilities.

Though, there is another reason to rejoice… You see, my dear comrades, OrgLIX has been invited back to Anime USA for another panel presentation. And this year, Crisis Perverted has also been given its own panel so that we might give it all the love it deserves.

With all of these wonderful things in mind, let us now revel in our new dramas.

Adult Store (6:23, 5.85M)
Cast: Zexion, DiZ, Larxene and Saïx
Director: Orin
Writer: Orin with help from Schala and Karras
Summary: Everything in this drama is a work of fiction and absolutely not influenced by the experiences of OrgLIX cast members.

Naminé's Day Out (12:39, 11.5M)
Cast: Vexen, Repliku, Xemnas, Naminé, and the Sat-Nav
Director: Orin
Writer: Michael
Summary: Off we go to the grocery store!

We also have a new drama for Crisis Perverted that combines two things we love so dearly – chocobos and alcohol.

I hope that you will all take time out of your furious game play to listen to our dramas. I know that I managed a few moments to do so.

With love for all of my zombies and poppets,

The Superior
31 August 2009 @ 09:53 pm
To my dear peas in a podcast,

Occasionally, I venture beyond our little corner of the web and into the great internet beyond. And I assure you that this very rarely involves pornography. As in hardly ever. About once in a fortnight, really. But it does often involve listening to other dramas and podcasts as I have an MP3 and lots of free time on my hands that are clearly not involved with self-manipulation.

One of the most enriching from the perspective of the enlightened gamer is A Life Well Wasted by Mr. Robert Ashley. So you can only imagine the pride I felt when he extended the hand of friendship and the microphone of interview to our little Organization. Our sweet Schala and outrageous Orin took up the burden of answering his many questions, and did so quite entertainingly. Please enjoy their interview as part of the episode, "Artists, Fans, and Engineers".

And to show that we are quite inclusive and eager as well, also enjoy Robert in his guest star role in the special drama "Through the Refriderator Portal," found in Other Productions.

Also, to any new fans who may have found us via ALWW... welcome to our crazy pillow fort in the middle of the Kingdom Hearts fandom. We have pie for everyone, just don’t eat the jellybeans.

With well-wishes of further well-wasting,

The Superior
31 July 2009 @ 10:12 pm
To my Summer Squashes,

I would ask if everyone was enjoying the fun and the sun, but I do not wish to alienate any of our fans who are extremely upset over the heat wave that hit the Pacific Northwest. Instead, we shall talk of parties! Yes, we here at OrgLIX love to party and get our boogie-woogie on along with other expressions of festive feelings. And nothing entertains us more than Twister since it allows a more fanciful type of sereptitous frottage than public transportation. Perhaps that is why two of our three new dramas mention Twister. Just like the new Kingdoms Hearts 358/2 Days Manga. Oh, Shiro Amano, you cater to us brilliantly…

Vacation (2:00, 1.84M)
Cast: Xemnas, Demyx, Xaldin, Zexion, Lexaeus, Axel, Larxene, Luxord, Marluxia, Roxas, Xigbar, Luxord
Director: Orin
Writers: First Annual OrgLIX Script-Writing Contest Winner Arcada Eclipse
Summary: I'm sure your family has the same problems when it comes to planning a trip.

After Party (3:24, 3.12M)
Cast: Demyx, Axel, Larxene, Xaldin, Marluxia, Patrick, Luxord, DiZ, Lexaeus, Zexion
Director: Orin
Writers: Everyone who went to Anime USA
Summary: Nobodies might have amazing powers, but cleaning is not one of them.

Incompatibilities (4:18, 3.95M)
Cast: Demyx, Marluxia, Larxene, and Xemnas
Director: Orin
Writers: Orin and Schala
Summary: Some things just don't mix...like water and electricity.

We also have many new entries to our Fan Multimedia section for your viewing pleasure. Some of them spilled over into Crisis Perverted which also happens to have a new drama!

Remember to stretch before any of you attempt a game of Twister, naked or otherwise.

Also adept at Strip Poker,

The Superior
30 June 2009 @ 06:47 pm
To all of my lovely little summer squashes (all dressed appropriately, I'm certain),

We have been busy indulging in all of the wonders of pie lately, but that doesn't mean we forgot all about out little honeysuckle blossoms. There is something very exciting coming up in a couple of weeks, so you will simply have to check back for it. In the meantime, here is proof of our nonexistence.

An Old Friend (3:41, 1.69M)
Cast: Xemnas and Demyx
Director: Orin
Writers: Orin and Schala
Summary: The end of the hiatus just means the beginning of more pain.

We also have a brand new drama for Crisis Perverted and all new bloopers and Skype outtakes over in Other Productions

And finally, we would like to thank our fans for their continued support during our haitus. It warms the holes where our hearts should be, we assure you. But nowhere near as warm as a slice of triple-berry pie with some extra pie on the side. Almost, though.

With sand in uncomfortable places,

The Superior
To my dear Temporal Teacakes,

I must deeply apologize for this not technically being a February update, instead falling precariously into March's territory. It is in part due to a minor mix-up regarding when exactly a Leap Year does fall. Due to simple numeration, we are fans of Pope Gregory XIII, but he really should have been more consistent with his calendar. And perhaps I got a bit too worked up in my plan to sacrifice one of the many infamous groundhogs to the Lion of March to appease the weather gods, but I was hindered by the fact that the lion does not seem to exist and the security around Punxsutawney Phil was far more vicious that previously indicated by Mr. Bill Murray.

Regardless of grand plots revolving around rodents, we do have something to celebrate! Yes, it is Crisis Perverted's first anniversary. Why, just a year ago this side-project started with nothing but a hope and a prayer. And now it has its own section on the forum and everything! How far it has come. The only way we could properly salute it is to expand it further. Yes, from this point onwards, it will not only be for Crisis Core parodies but also Before Crisis parodies! Because we find Turks to be as entertaining as SOLDIERS and so should you. So please, give a heartly welcome to our suit-clad compatriots with this new anniversary drama -

Turkish Discotheque (9:40, 8.86M)
Cast: Tseng, Reno, Cissnei, Andrian, Hojo, and Zack with special guest stars Toshiyuki Morikawa, Kenichi Suzumura, and Junichi Suwabe
Summary: If the dialogue doesn't amuse you, the music will.

We hope that this welcome to our new characters will be as warm as the visions of springtime that elude me so.

Cursing the cold,

The Superior
31 January 2009 @ 10:11 pm
To my frozen popsicles,

I hope that the wintry season is not weighing down upon you like so many icicle-laden trees. Or that you are currently living and/or vacationing in the Southern Hemisphere. To our fans who are… well, I hope that you are enjoying your backwards seasons and counter-clockwise toilets.

Either way, I am sure that you will all enjoy these new dramas.

More About Pie (6:35, 6.31M)
Cast: Xemnas, Axel, Vexen, Xigbar, Luxord, Saïx, Zexion, Demyx, and Larxene
Director: Orin
Writer: Orin
Summary: This one is dedicated to Orin's mom and everyone else who likes pie.

Water Pressure (4:52, 4.47M)
Cast: Demyx, Saïx, and Xemnas
Director: Orin
Writer: Orin
Summary: Demyx finds his own personal paradise. Too bad it belongs to Xemnas.

Cookie Crisis (9:44, 8.91M)
Cast: Lexaeus, Marluxia, Larxene, Axel, Luxord, Saïx, Vexen, and Zexion
Director: Orin
Writer: Micheal
Summary: It's not just pies that are serious business in the Organization.

We also have a new piece of Fan Art and a brand new drama for Crisis Perverted

Planning to get revenge on whoever wrote "Let It Snow,"

The Superior
30 December 2008 @ 08:22 pm
To All of My Little Decorated Gingerbread Cookies,

Hard to believe the year is over already, isn't it? Not that it really matters here. We threw our calendars away long ago in favor of a simple two month system: when it is raining, it is Rainy. And when it is not raining, it is either Not Raining or Let's Go Out and Play in the Not-Sunlight. It's really not that complicated. Which is excellent because things seem to become a lot more complicated when Xigbar and Luxord get to the eggnog. And for the end of the year, we have some dramas for you to raise your glasses to.

Thrill a Minute (5:12, 4.77M)
Cast: Xemnas, Luxord, Zexion, Naminé, Saïx, Larxene, Xigbar, Xaldin, Axel, Roxas, Vexen, and Demyx
Director: Orin
Writers: Orin and Schala
Summary: We're got started on the 358/2 jokes early... and threw in one about Larxene's Somebody having been a carnie just for fun!

A Glass of Milk (1:23, 1.27M)
Cast: Xemnas, Saïx, and a cast of extras
Director: Orin
Writers: Schala and Karras
Summary: Organization XIII turns even the most mundane activities up to eleven.

There's also some new fan art in our Memorbilia section!

Not to mention an update to Crisis Perverted to ring in the new year in a very unique sort of way.

Here is to another year of pies. So very many pies.

The Superior