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Organization LIX

Everything you know about the Org is wrong...

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*Insert propaganda here*

Organization LIX - 59 to the not-so-Roman-Numerally-inclined - is an audio drama group with a dedication to Kingdom Hearts and comedy, not necessarily in that order. While we may do dramatizations of the fictional events of the KH games/manga/related-media as owned by Square Enix Co., Ltd. please don't sue our asses, we are primarily concerned with writing our material for fun and profit (okay, not for profit, but we can dream). Though we can be some of the most obsessive theorists (for God's sake, don't mention the truck!) and fiercest debaters (Sephiroth's eyes are teal. No, they're blue in KH, jackass.), when it comes to important matters like "teh funny" we are more than willing to throw out trivial items such a "canon characterization" and "the original game script" for whatever gets us to laugh like dorks during a Skype session. Because, as a lovely and bizarre cross-section of the fandom, whatever we find funny must be funny to the other fans.... right?

Short Version

We are the Organization. We dress up in black coats, sexually harass teenagers, and offer people crack - We are the people your mom warned you about. (BTW, we also slept with your mom. It was hot.)

Proof of Existence
The Members of Organization LIX

wickedorin - Director, editor, all-around audio junkie.
animekittysama - Larxene. Writer, promoter, busybody.
sciguy98 - Marluxia and Xaldin. Theorist, flirt, manipulator.
shadow_sasuke - Axel, Demyx, and Zexion. That guy.
teal_deer - Vexen. IA! IA! CTHULHU F'TAGHN!
subu - Roxas. Unbalanced, lazy, entertaining.
tygerman - Xemnas. Oblivious, devious, insane
demyx - Naminé. Oblivious, loud, politically incorrect
hitokiridirk - Repliku. Chill, excitable, and mental